Monday, April 24, 2017


Organization Phone
Information   210.207.2500
Automated Account Information   210.207.6121
Automated Account Information (Toll Free)   866.432.8950
Dial-a-Story   210.207.4466
Little Read Wagon   210.207.2517
Texana & Genealogy   210.207.2500


  Title Name Phone
Library Director, Ramiro Salazar Library Director Ramiro Salazar 210.207.2644
Assistant Director for Public Services, Dale McNeill Assistant Director for Public Services Dale McNeill 210.207.2502
Assistant Director for Support Services, Kathy Donellan Assistant Director for Support Services Kathy Donellan 210.207.2572
Library Services Administrator, Candelaria Mendoza Library Services Administrator Candelaria Mendoza 210.207.2625
Central Library Coordinator, Ruth Chiego Central Library Coordinator Ruth Chiego 210.207.2624
Public Services Administrator, Kate Gray Public Services Administrator Kate Gray 210.207.2661
Public Services Administrator, Cheryl Sheehan Public Services Administrator Cheryl Sheehan 210.207.2587
Public Services Administrator, Elma Nieto-Rodriguez Public Services Administrator  Elma Nieto-Rodriguez  210.207.2560 
Community & Public Relations Manager, Caitlin Cowart Community & Public Relations Manager Caitlin Cowart 210.207.2638
Coordinator of Digital Services, Ignacio Albarracin Coordinator of Digital Services  Ignacio Albarracin 210.207.2611 
Coordinator of Children's Services, Viki Ash Coordinator of Children's Services Viki Ash 210.207.2620
Coordinator of Teen Services, Jennifer Velasquez Coordinator of Teen Services Jennifer Velasquez 210.207.2567
Haley Holmes Coordinator of Services to Adults Haley Holmes 210.207.2829
Gabriella Rauschuber Department Fiscal Administrator Gabriella Rauschuber 210.207.2634


Organization Phone
Friends of the San Antonio Public Library
Landa Gardens Conservancy   210.829.2562
San Antonio Public Library Foundation   210.225.4728