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October 31 in San Antonio history...

1917 – World War I
A special train bearing the equipment of the Thearle-Duffield patriotic and military spectacle, “The War of Nations,” which has been exhibited at the Texas State Fair in Dallas and which will open the new Ron-De-Voo Park near Camp Travis Saturday night, arrived in San Antonio yesterday afternoon and this morning a force of expert stage mechanics started building the French village which every night for two weeks will be blown up by bombardment of enemy guns.

The Granada Hotel, which opened in 1927, closed at noon to be converted into a home for the elderly.  Monthly rent began at $58 per month.

In the process of lifting the tophouse to the top of the Tower of the Americas structure, three steel lifting rods snapped halting the process.  Elmer Joiner, project engineer, said that if one more rod had broken, the whole tophouse structure would have fallen to the ground crushing as many as ten men.  In the meantime, seven giant cranes have been brought in to support the tophouse while the lifting rods are being replaced.

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