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November 1 in San Antonio history...

1917 – World War I
The new war tax went into effect at midnight overnight.  These taxes include:  One cent on each dime paid for amusement admissions, three percent on payments for freight transportation, eight percent on passenger fares, ten percent on payments for Pullman and similar accommodations, five percent on oil pipeline transportation, one cent for each 20 cents or  fraction paid for express packages, five cents on each telegraph, telephone or radio message costing fifteen cents or more, various taxes on cigars, cigarettes, tobacco and products, ten percent on club dues, and eight cents on each $100 of new life insurance and one cent on each dollar of premiums paid on fire, marine, casualty and other insurance policies.

North Star Mall opens their new wing with Marshall Field’s and food court.

The new $190 million SBC Center opens with the Spurs defeating the Toronto Raptors, 91-72, in front of a sold-out crowd of 18,787.  The Raptors score an NBA-record low six points in the fourth quarter.  George Strait performs a sold-out show in the new arena the following night.

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