Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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Grand Canyon by Jason Chin

Grand Canyon

Author/Illustrator Jason Chin has won the 2018 Orbis Pictus Award for Grand Canyon.

On the book's first page, Chin asserts that the Grand Canyon is much more than a big hole in the ground.  He uses the rest of the book -- both text and illustration -- to explain just how true that assertion is! Whether you have actually visited the Grand Canyon or are an arm-chair traveler, this is a fascinating look at one of America's natural wonders.  

The Orbis Pictus Award, for outstanding nonfiction for children, is administered by the National Council of Teachers of English. The award is named after a 1657 book by Johannes Comenius which is considered to by the first book actually planned for children.  Orbis Pictus translates from the Latin to The World in Pictures. If you are a nonfiction fan, visit the Orbis Pictus Guide for a listing of previous award winners.  

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