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November 25 in San Antonio history...

John James, chief surveyor of Bexar County, dies in San Antonio.  James was the father-in-law of Architect Alfred Giles and platted out the communities of Bandera, Castroville, Boerne, Quihi and D’Hanis.  Also, he was one of the three bondsmen who underwrote for the City of San Antonio the payment of $300,000 to the Galveston, Harrisburg, and San Antonio Railway Company on completion of the first railroad into San Antonio February 19, 1877.

1917 – World War I
The San Antonio Light prints a feature on “Making Kelly Field the Finest Aviation School in the World.”

The City Council gave brief consideration to a resolution that would urge merchants to stay closed on Sundays.  The resolution died when Mayor McAllister failed to ask for a seconding. Jack Martin, president of the San Antonio Building Trades Council, predicted San Antonio’s economy “will fall” if it is based on a seven-day week. “There is something wrong with the moral fiber of this community if we must work seven days a week,” he said.

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