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December 13 in San Antonio history...

The Express, published by August Siemering and his new partner, W.B. Moore, first appears as a daily afternoon paper. A subscription costs $16 a year. They continue to publish the weekly Express as a “family newspaper” for $5 a year.

1917 – World War I
Of the 160 petitions for citizenship that have been filed with Deputy Clerk I. A. Campbell for action at this term of the Federal Court, 87 will have to be postponed because of conflict with section 2171 of the revised statutes of the United States, which states that “no alien who is a native citizen or subject or a denizen of any country, state or sovereign with which the United States is at war at the time of his application shall then he permitted to become a citizen.”

Ella Fitzgerald and Dizzy Gillespie perform in concert in Municipal Auditorium.  The concert of the two now-legendary African-American jazz artists is unfortunately advertised “for whites only.” (right)

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