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December 15 in San Antonio history...

1917 – World War I
Johnny Reynolds, “The Human Fly,” a steeplejack and building climber of nationwide reputation, held a great throng breathless today as he scaled the Wolff and Marx Building.  On reaching the roof, he took a chair and sat on the edge.  He then climbed the flagpole and balanced himself across the knob surmounting the pole.  Johnny, now a soldier at Kelly Field, was advertising the minstrel show which the men of the aviation section will present at the Empire Theater January 9.

Radio patrolmen J. R. Chambers and Carl Carver were called out to Monterrey Street early this morning to find a 50-year-old man, quite nude, carefully soaping himself with laundry soap, in a mud puddle formed by yesterday’s rains.  A towel was lying nearby.  He was quite indignant at the interruption.  The patrolmen brought him to the station, getting well covered with mud themselves, but his identity nor the reason for his bath in the chill air could not be learned.

Social Reformer  Sidney Maurice Levyson, known by his pseudonym of Stanley Stein, dies in San Antonio. He was a blind Jewish leper, involuntarily incarcerated in the camp for victims of Hansens Disease (leprosy) in Carville, Louisiana. Levyson refused to retreat into the living death of the disease, instead founding and editing the crusading “Star 66” Newspaper that brought hope to tens of thousands of leprosy sufferers. His epitaph read: “Instead of bemoaning the things that I have lost, I try to make the most of what I have left.”

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