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Early Childhood Services

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Library Read Wagon logoThe LITTLE READ WAGON is the San Antonio Public Library’s early literacy program, designed to support the development of young children’s love of books, reading and learning.

Little Read Wagon staff provide foundational literacy information and materials to parents, extended family, and caregivers of children ages birth-five years. Services are provided free of charge at public libraries, childcare facilities, schools and community-based organizations.

The Little Read Wagon mission is to empower the San Antonio community with an increased awareness of, and the tools to support, early literacy skills.

Are you an early childhood professional? Be sure to check out our resource guide created just for you!


News & Announcements

Holiday Time and Creativity

Over the next few weeks many families are enjoying time off from school and work, or gathering at the homes of friends and relatives. This is a unique time of year when the weather might keep us indoors and holiday craft ideas abound. But, what if you don't have access to the cute and special items for that "just right" craft activity? Or, what if your child doesn't quite have the fine motor skills required to replicate the project? Enter process art!

Process art activities focus on the act of creating and not the end product. There is no pressure to imitate or reproduce an already completed piece. While children experiment with different materials they are also building their ability to use scissors and writing tools, think symbolically, and talk about their work. Caregivers can encourage children by asking open-ended questions about what they are doing, or compliment children for their choice of colors, textures, or shapes. Making enthusiastic observations about a child's work also helps build vocabulary. 

Your home already has materials your child can use for creative exploration. Consider paper or cardboard that might otherwise go to the recycling bin, odds and ends of gift wrap, or the tubes it was rolled on. Scraps of fabric from clothing that is outgrown or worn can add dimension to a collage or sculpture. Besides paint brushes and fingers, household items like sponges, cotton swabs, or cotton balls can be used to apply paint. I remember my mother standing at the stove making paste for my kindergarten class. If you have flour and water, you can make your own glue! There are many recipes for home-made paint using kitchen staples. Our Visual Arts, Painting, and Sculpture resource guide can help you find more ideas to boost your child's creative confidence and give you lots of things to talk about and share.

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Programs & Activities

Play & Learn!

Play and LearnUse this link to find upcoming Little Read Wagon Play & Learn events. These events are especially for adults and their children ages five and younger. Play & Learn logo

We will meet for stories, songs and fun learning activities. This program is most appropriate for adults and their children (or grandchildren, nieces, nephews, neighbors and friends) ages 5 and younger.

View a Play & Learn video.

Every Child Ready to Read

Every Child Ready to ReadThe San Antonio Public Library offers an exciting workshop that can help parents and caregivers of children from birth to age five learn about the early literacy skills children must know before they can actually learn to read. Children who enter kindergarten with these skills are ready to learn to read. Since so much of school success is based on being a good reader, helping children get ready to read is an important priority for the parents and caregivers of young children.

Parents and caregivers can learn how to get every child ready to read with the help of a one-hour workshop from the San Antonio Public Library. Find out more about scheduling a presentation for your group by calling 210.207.2517 or Email.

The Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) and the Public Library Association (PLA) worked with Dr. Susan B. Neuman and Dr. Donna Celano, nationally-known researchers and educators to develop the Every Child Ready to Read® @ your library® workshops and materials.

Frequently asked questions
Q: What is the purpose of Play & Learn with Little Read Wagon?
A: Helping Family, Friends, and Neighbors (FFNs) and parents realize their important role in preparing young children (birth through kindergarten) for success in reading, school, and life. Play is key!

Q: What can I do to make sure we have a great time at Play and Learn? 
A: 1. Please be on time so you can hear the group story and learn about this week’s topic. 
     2. Please be ready to play with your child as you talk, sing, read, read, write and play together. 

Q: What if we need to miss a day? 
A: That’s not a problem. Come when you can! We will have more Play and Learn series at other locations in the future, and you’re welcome to join us then. 

Q. Do I need to make a reservation?
A. Registration may be required based on venue and anticipated group size. Otherwsie, join us when you can!

Upcoming Teacher Workshops

Little Read Wagon workshops are always about early literacy! Our three-hour workshop for the 2017-18 school year is “Diversity in the Classroom: Building Your Library with Mirrors and Windows." You can view the flyer and registration link here.

Please visit our Resources for Early Childhood Professionals guide for information about other training providers.

Professional Development for Child Care Providers

The San Antonio Public Library's Little Read Wagon early literacy trainings (for those who work with children five and younger) are fun and FREE.

Frequently asked questions

Q. What is the training topic?
A. Little Read Wagon workshops are always about early literacy! Our three-hour, Saturday workshop for the 2016-17 school year is "Reading from the Heart."

Q. Who may attend?
A. We welcome anyone who lives or works in Bexar County, works directly with young children (birth-five years) and wants to learn about how to help young children develop early literacy skills. Children may not attend with you.

Q. How often may I attend?
A. You may attend each training topic once per calendar year. Topics change as new workshops are developed. Please check your certificate for the title and date of the last training you attended.

Q. How do I register?
A. First, please carefully read the flyer for our next workshop. On the flyer you will find a link to a pre-registration form. Please complete the form and we will notify you using the email address or phone number you provide. A response from you will be required to confirm your registration. Questions about registration? Call 207-2531 any time.

Q. How much does the training cost?
A. Thanks to the hard work of the San Antonio Public Library Foundation the training is FREE! For workshops held at the Central Library you will need $5 cash or credit to pay for parking in the garage.

Q. How should I dress?
A. We recommend comfortable, casual clothes and that you wear layers or bring a sweater or light jacket especially if you tend to be cold.

Q. Can I use this workshop towards my annual training hours?
A. All participants are given a certificate of clock hours which can be used towards the annual training required by the Texas Licensing Law, Rules & Minimum Standards.

Q. Do you offer CPE hours?
A. No, Little Read Wagon does not offer CEU's or the CPE hours.

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